Jackson Stone

Captivating Software Design

Software is now ubiquitous in the modern work place, and over the years, the power of these programs has increased drastically in terms of what they can do. However, an aspect of design that has not been developed with the same positive trend is the actual experience of using these programs. Our workplace software can do great things, but using most of them is a dull, draining, and frequently frustrating experience. Can this be fixed, and is it worth the effort? This talk will argue "yes," and give starting points for achieving more captivating software design.

About Jackson

As a computer science major at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Jackson Stone has many opportunities to develop his talents and explore his interests in technology and its role in our lives. He earned a prestigious internship to study and develop software at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and afterward has used his skills to develop apps.

His interest extends beyond how the technology works and into making technology work for people. His latest app, Color Locks, was developed with a team of fellow students and encourages users to channel their inner artists in a series of color matching and mixing challenges.

Jackston Stone

Computer Science student
app innovator
Cleveland Tennessee