Marcus Ellsworth

Art as Activism

Marcus Ellsworth will be taking a look at how art can become a road map for progress as we ask the question "What Now?" Citing examples from world history as well as Chattanooga's present, Marcus will pose the idea that one of the best ways to answer that question is by looking at the creative output of Chattanooga’s citizens. The answers can be found in the music, writing, and even the graffiti of Chattanooga’s most under-served populations. We can use art to engage in meaningful discussions and purposeful action to make Chattanooga better for everyone.

About Marcus

Marcus Ellsworth is a spoken word artist and emcee working in the Chattanooga area. He hosts and organizes Wide Open Floor, a monthly open mic performance art showcase at Barking Legs Theater. He is also the president of Tennessee Valley Pride and co-chair for Tennessee Equality Project’s Hamilton and Bradley County Committee.

Marcus has spent much of the past eight years honing his skills as an artist and working to help build community around art and issues of social justice.

Marcus Ellsworth

President of Tennessee Valley Pride
Host of Wide Open
Floor at Barking Legs Theatre