Nathan Adams

Mastered to Master: Restoring the Power of Words

The power of words and the importance of thinking well need to be reconsidered. How is language, something that is so core to the human experience, so carelessly tossed around, or even worse, distorted beyond recognition? Why aren’t we fascinated with words? What has happened to our child-like curiosity? Words, so much more than the sum of their letters, have the power of life and death. Nathan Adams, a dyslexic, wants to challenge you to think differently about words. If we do not reclaim the vitality of words, our laziness with language will perpetuate the epidemic of not truly knowing what we are saying. Commonly used words, such as love, pain, forgiveness, and "I'm sorry" will continue to be carelessly defined and ignorantly recycled. It is time for the reclamation of our words.

About Nathan

Nathan Bennett Adams was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland. At the age of four, Nathan was diagnosed with a severe form of dyslexia, titled "Auditory Processing Learning Deficit." This learning disability shadowed much of his childhood, which was filled with a frustration towards learning and feeling mastered by words while reading. Though learning was always a battlefield, soccer quickly became an avenue for Nathan to excel. His skill in the sport soon landed him opportunities to play with professional teams in Brazil, Argentina, Holland, and Germany, as well as join the teams of West Virginia University, Bryan College, and the Chattanooga Football Club. Over the last few years, Nathan's struggle with language began to morph into a newfound love of studying: communication, philosophy and words.

In an ironic twist, Nathan pursued a bachelor's degree in Communication, the very skill that had been so elusive in his life. Nathan is now more likely to be found reading or writing than lacing up his soccer cleats, encompassing a full-time scholar and full-time student. A catalyst to this change was Nathan's growing love for Spoken Word Poetry, using it as a vehicle to share his ever-growing thoughts and challenging ideas. More than most, Nathan understands those who do not treasure the mind, having once felt completely mastered by language himself. He now thrives on sharing his mind with a variety of audiences at surrounding colleges, high schools, and conferences. He hopes to restore those who have an ear to the power of words. Nathan and his wife, Anna, live in Evensville, Tennessee.

Nathan Adams

Poet and Cultural Reformer